November 08, 2013

I Still Remember That Day We Met in December

Hey ya'll, I apologize for not updating my blog more frequently, but these last 2 weeks have been horrifically busy! I had the misfortune of having all of my midterms and papers due over the course of 2 weeks...but I'm grateful that I made it though, and did quite well on most of my exams!

My first look here is centered around this amazing jacket I bought at Zara. I have been looking for a classy, yet casual jacket for a while now, and this lovely blazer-esque jacket, complete with unique details that make it casual enough to be worn with just about anything, really caught my eye. I chose to pair it with this navy shirt, with a cool white colorblock collar, as well as a pair of slim fit navy pants. For shoes, I thought my brown bluchers would compliment the jacket's brown leather details perfectly! I usually wear these shoes with no show socks, but I found these cute grey socks in my dad's sock drawer, and I couldn't resist. The result is an outfit that is casual, yet is infused with a touch of class, which I always adore.

My second look illustrates how to make a super comfy and cozy outfit into one that does not look careless and sloppy. I'm really into turtlenecks this Autumn/Winter 2013, and I'm absolutely loving this one I got from Zegna. I bought this lovely shawl neck cardigan at Zara, and I thought the two would go together nicely for the first snowfall. I added a touch of class with some slim black pants and my favourite black Chelsea boots, which really refined the otherwise cozy aspects of this outfit. Needless to say, this outfit kept me nice and warm during our first super chilly day, and heralded a bunch of compliments, which is always nice! For my next few posts, I will add a bit of colour to my outfits, since I've noticed that I tend to gravitate around black/grey/brown/navy. I'm admit that I guilty of turning to this dull colour palette, and will work extra hard to incorporate some brighter colours into my future outfits~

October 05, 2013

Divided From The Light

I've always loved wearing black, as its such an easy and elegant way to create a clean, minimalistic look. Over the last year or so, however, I kind of stopped wearing all-black like I used to, and instead opted for a variety of blues, browns and greys. My super cute and fashionable friend, Nandita, influenced me to hop back on board the all-black everything train, and boy, I've just realized how much I've missed the effortless elegance of a pure black outfit.

I paired my black Burberry Brit trench with some black skinny jeans from H&M, and my favorite black combat boots from Zara. I absolutely love how versatile this trench coat really is; it's an effortless transition from classy to edgy! Although it was a bit of a splurge purchase, I don't regret it one bit, as its a timeless and versatile classic.

Faux-leather detailing is super in this season, so I couldn't resist ordering this awesome pleather shoulder pad jumper from Topman. I wore this underneath my trench coat to complete the outfit, along with a cute vintage leather watch from American Apparel. I really do enjoy making these edgier looks, as I feel they have the capacity to showcase a whole different facet of my style. Also, sweater weather is in full force, and I could not be any happier! Stay tuned for more autumn looks~

You're An Angel Dressed in Armour

First off, so sorry I haven't had the chance to make blog posts lately! I know it shouldn't be an excuse, but these past 2 weeks have been SUPER DUPER busy due to midterms and appointments. I was, however, fortunate to attend Western Canada Fashion Week, a local fashion event that showcases both local and international designers. The show I attended on September 26, which also happened to be my first fashion show ever, was absolutely spectacular! Showcased designers included the talented contemporary styles of Jean Paul Gaultier, a lovely showcase from La Maison Simons with the most beautiful men I have ever seen, and a beautiful Parisian inspired lingerie collection from local designer Melany Rowe.

I knew I wanted to dress either super edgy or classy; since I don't have a large collection of edgy clothes, I decided to take the latter route. I bought this super elegant navy blazer from Zara, and instantly fell in love with the brown leather detailing, including the collar and pocket linings. I paired it with a pair of slim navy dress pants, also from Zara, and my favorite white dress shirt from Reiss. To add a touch of uniqueness to my outfit, I decided to add a lovely scarf that has been sitting in my closet for a while. I absolutely love the elegant pattern and color scheme, and how well it goes with navy outfit. I finished off my fashion week outfit with a pair of brown monkstrap shoes from Florshiem!

September 14, 2013

Even the Best Fall Down Sometimes

This look is darker and more edgy than my usual posts, and showcases a different facet of my style. It's also the first look that has been shot using my new Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AF-G lens, which I absolutely adore. The lens is just so sharp, so affordable, and creates a beautiful and effortless background bokeh that I think adds a touch of beauty to every look.

I paired this lovely grey and black ombré sweater, purchased at Canadian contemporary clothing store Oak and Fort (, with a pair of skinny black trousers and gladiator sandals from Zara. Let me just say that I am in love with these gladiators, which I managed to pick up during the Zara seasonal sale. I have worn them all summer, and they still look and feel great. Accessory wise, I chose to put on my Ray-Ban wayfarers, a fashion classic, as well as a cool necklace from Romwe. On my arms, I am donning a bracelet from Topman, and a ring from Oak and Fort as well.

I am super happy with how my outfit turned out; every piece seems to fit together to create a super sleek and cool end of summer look! I also decided on a change of scenery. Instead of shooting in the field behind my house, I thought it would be a good idea to try shooting the balcony in front of my house, which has literally been unused for 19 years. I'm super happy with how the backgroud bokeh of the neightbourhood turned out, and how clear my outfit appears in contrast. Until next week!~

September 06, 2013

Fractured Moonlight on the Sea

I'm super happy with the fact that I have decided to do constant weekly updates (weather permitting), as it keeps me occupied, as well as effectively defers me from playing too many video games. This week's look is once again inspired by clean British elegance, but this time, combined with the refreshing essence of summer, which still lingers in Edmonton. Oh, how dearly I miss the lovely sartorial choices of Londoners, who always look so spiffy and dapper...Edmonton is such a different fashion environment (and not in a good way!)...Anyways, back to the look~ 

 I paired this lovely light blue blazer from Zara with a pair of light grey chinos from Topman. Blue and grey, I find, are the perfect colour combination, and I felt that these light shades of both complimented each other perfectly. Shoe wise, I went for a pair of dark blue loafers from Zara. I love this new dress shirt I'm wearing from British retailer Reiss. After having the chance to explore this classy store during my time in Britain, I quickly came to the conclusion that I want to buy everything from it! To finish off the outfit, and to give it a dash of unique elegance, I chose to wear a navy silk neckerchief with white dots, which I felt matched this outfit so perfectly. I've always been a huge fan of neck scarves, and I've been on the hunt for ones similar to this one I'm wearing in this look.

 Now to my real life: School started 2 days ago, and I'm actually loving all my classes and all my professors. It's so refreshing to have professors who are passionate about teaching, and are able to so effectively capture the attention of their students. Engaging professors make for interesting classes and a great experience learning for students. Stay tuned for another new look next week!

August 30, 2013

The Walls Kept Tumbling Down in the City That We Love

The third time is the charm, they say! My third Lookbook post draws inspiration from my three week trip to Britain, where I was exposed to British culture and British fashion. My four days in the city of London were absolutely fantastic, a definite highlight in my short life. The street style of London was so refined compared to that of Edmonton, which was so refreshing yet alien.

During my time in London, I noticed a sea of lovely floral patterns, which I have always been hesitant to wear. After seeing some beautiful floral designs on the shirts at Paul Smith, and being unable to purchase any due to the massive sale that was going on (XS is such a popular size for us skinny folk), I immediately bought this beautiful floral shirt from Zara when I saw it in the new arrivals section. It was a little nostalgic seeing this shirt, as it was so similar to the Paul Smith designs, which reminded me of the sartorial refinement of London.

I paired my new floral shirt with a simple black blazer, also from Zara, and a pair of skinny black trousers. I felt the lovely floral design should have the opportunity to shine, rather than being muted by other bright colours. Accessory wise, I thought this beautiful black leather satchel/briefcase purchased from the Barbour store in London was a perfect match for the refinement of this outfit. Furthermore, I have been obsessed with black Chelsea boots lately, so I was ecstatic when I found a lovely pair from Ben Sherman in London, which I used to complete this outfit with.

I think my next couple of looks will also be British-influenced, as I am so in love with the Brits' sense of style. School starts next week, so I will definitely try to get another Lookbook post up before Wednesday! Thank you for your continued support, everyone!

August 22, 2013

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life"

I regret to say, that amidst the hustle and bustle of this last month, I have been totally slacking on both Lookbook posts and blog posts. As some of you know, I was fortunate enough to go to England for a summer course, and just got back home about a week ago. It was such an enriching and fantastic experience; I got the opportunity to study law (which us Canadians usually don't get to do until our early 20s), and got the chance to be exposed to British culture and British fashion, both of which I absolutely adore. I promised some of my followers that I would be constantly updating this blog during my time abroad, but unfortunately, I was unable to, partly because there was so much going on, and partly because I forgot my camera cord at home!

Here I will briefly summarize this amazing trip in collage form, both for myself as a keepsake, and for anyone who is interested in what I got the chance to see and do in beautiful Britain.
Clockwise from top left: Sitting/loitering on the steps of The National Gallery, London; A picture with my good pals: the Thames and the London Bridge; Mr. Ty Kim and I being total tourists on the path towards Buckingham Palace; Changing the Guard, complete with a plethora of scary looking machine guns.
Clockwise from top left: Tried to take an artsy-fartsy shot at the Tower of London; Big Ben, conveniently photographed while on a open air cruise on the Thames in the scorching heat wave; Sarah Smith and I looking greasy after a long morning escapade at the Tower of London; Miami beauty Vanessa and I worried about potential attackers stealing our money at the Tower of London.
This concludes my London adventures! Albeit a brief encounter, London quickly became one of my favorite cities I have ever visited, perhaps even surpassing Paris in terms of beauty and culture. Tomorrow, I will most likely post a look injected with a burst of British style~ Stay tuned for more pictures from my adventures in Exeter, St. Ives, and Cornwall!